Effortless Mindfulness Benefits

Employers like Apple, Google, Aetna, General Mills, Forbes, Goldman Sachs, and Facebook have brought mindfulness to the workplace. Like any healthy practice, meditation is easy to do once or twice, but it’s hard to stick to indefinitely. Luckily after one meditation, Lumiate is as easy as a light switch—and only gets more effective. Lumiate works as you work, integrating seamlessly into any environment, compatible with any and all computer activity.

Stress Reduction

It’s no surprise that employees and students struggle with stress, affecting happiness and performance. Lumiate is designed to prevent stress when used indefinitely, and reduce stress when turned on in times of need.

Productivity Increase

Inside or outside the office, productivity is valuable. Time-pressure is a major driver of stress. Luckily, mindfulness increases productivity. Plus, Lumiate works as you work. Lumiate is the perfect solution for individuals that care about getting things done.

Quantifiable Returns from Mindfulness

Since implementing a corporate mindfulness program, Aetna reports a $3,000 per year gain in productivity per employee, and a $2,000 per year savings in health costs per employee. Unfortunately, only 25% of Aetna employees engage with the program. Lumiate is a low cost alternative to traditional mindfulness training, and its ease of use likely leads to higher employee engagement.

Does a Lumiate Pilot makes sense for you?

Lumiate is searching for pilot partners. For a limited time, we are offering free corporate and university pilots in order to demonstrate Lumiate’s effectiveness for organizations. By piloting Lumiate, you will have access to a secure stress solution that easily integrates into the work environment.